Who is Lafayette Britto ?

Is a Brasilian-American who is ambitious, caring and goal chaser. Moved to Orlando, FL from Brasil as a child, my parents have always wanted to give us a better opportunity at life, living the American Dream. Moving here as business owners, my parents ran a very successful tourism business until just about after the recession. Having been in the real estate industry as a photographer over the last 7 years, I have had the chance to work with everyone from national home builders to loan officers, lawyers, inspectors. Has had my work published in magazines, billboards and various marketing materials through the country. My parents have always instilled in me a great work ethic, so this next move has been coming down the line for a long time, I plan to make them proud. Recently acquiring my real estate license in the state of florida, I plan to use my extensive network that I have put together over the years to grow not only as an individual but also help a lot of families along the way.